The Triumph Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust created in April 2017, it currently has two primary schools within it; Courthouse Green Primary School and Alderman's Primary School. Visit website


Where everyone believes in us and we believe in ourselves

Aldermans Green Primary


At Alderman’s Green, we intend to deliver a curriculum personalised to the needs of all our children.

"Where everyone believes in us   and we believe in ourselves"

 At Alderman’s Green Primary School, our curriculum is based on the belief that every child can achieve their own ambitions by offering learning that builds self-belief

All children have a curriculum, rooted in the requirements of the National Curriculum, which is inspiring, stimulating and appropriate to their level of ability. A curriculum that is changed and adapted to their needs and interests. This develops a love of learning.

By inspiring each other and through encouraging positive relationships, children at Alderman’s Green will thrive, using every moment so that they can all be the very best they can be.

We enable our children to achieve their full potential by:

  • having a skills based creative curriculum that demonstrates year on year progression
  • having a diverse curriculum about the world they live in today and tomorrow, supported by the schools core values of resilience, kindness, collaboration, pride and responsibility.
  • supporting children in the development of their skills of investigation, experimentation and application of their thinking
  • providing children with rich and deep questioning that probes their understanding of key concepts, skills and ideas and develops their curiosity to move their learning forward.
  • having the confidence to show independence and a willingness to take risks with their learning.