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Aldermans Green Primary

Enhanced Resource Base

The premise of the Enhanced Resource Base

The Enhanced Resource Base is a specialist base for children with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) including complex communication and interaction difficulties within a mainstream school.

We are lucky to have specialist equipment and resources but the Enhanced Resource Base is not separate from the rest of the school. Enhanced Resource Base children are an integral part of our school and should be cognitively able to work towards 50% of the mainstream curriculum. The responsibility for their progress is shared equally between the Mainstream Class Teacher and Enhanced Resource Base staff.

Children who attend the Enhanced Resource Base will have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) with Autism and/or complex communication and interaction difficulties as their primary area of need.

Children are placed in the Enhanced Resource Base by the Local Authority in consultation with parents and professionals, including staff at their current educational placement, any outside agencies involved with the child and the Enhanced Resource Base staff. Transition for each child is carefully planned and managed depending on his/her individual needs.


“To equip our children with the toolkit they need in order to fully participate in the wider life of the school through access to the whole curriculum. To work in partnership with parents, mainstream staff and outside agencies to develop children’s self -regulation skills, increase their independence and prepare them for their future lives.”

The Core purposes of the Enhanced Resource Base are:

  • (CP1) Specialist input for each child’s Autism needs.
  • (CP2) Self-regulation – learning how to self-regulate and the strategies each individual child needs in order to do it.
  • (CP3) Pre and Post Teaching – to ensure full access to the curriculum

Long Term Planning


In our Enhanced Resource Base, we have:

  • The central room which includes individual workstations for children, an area dedicated to developing social skills and an interactive whiteboard for teaching sessions.
  • Workstations in the central room which have been specially selected to give children a personal workspace free from distraction. They also allow individualised independent learning.
  • A calm room, known as The Safe House and a sensory room, known as the Bubble room. Both are used to defuse raising anxiety levels and are also available to stimulate the senses according to a child’s sensory needs.
  • A computer suite available for children to develop their skills in Information and Communication Technologies and to support their learning across other areas of the curriculum.
  • A designated craft room to use for food activities, painting and other messy activities. This room is used for a variety of purposes including stimulating the senses and to develop social communication between children.
  • An outside area for children to use. Many children learn best in the outdoors and this area provides children with the chance to excel. We can also support children in their gross motor development and their sense of self using the outdoors. Children may have the opportunity to grow herbs and vegetables to support their sensory needs.

Enhanced Resource Base Staff

There are four members of staff who work in the Enhanced Resource Base; Mrs Langley (Enhanced Resource Base Manager and teacher in charge) and three Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistants; Mr Cardinal, Miss Elliot and Miss Eden, one of whom will be your child’s key worker. Each child is also allocated to a mainstream class and a college in school. They have a class teacher as well as the staff in the Enhanced Resource Base to support them. The Enhanced Resource Base team work closely with each child’s mainstream class teacher to plan work appropriate to their needs and development, rather than their age.

Alderman’s Green Community Primary School is a fully inclusive school committed to success, nurtured through support, challenge and excellence. We make sure that every child can be the best that they can possibly be. Children who have a place in our Enhanced Resource Base will be supported to work towards being integrated into a mainstream classroom. As every child is unique, the timescale for this will depend upon the individual child. At the core of our ethos is that children feel valued, safe and secure within their environment. This will also impact on the time spent in the classroom and the Enhanced Resource Base. The maximum number of places within the Enhanced Resource Base is 12.

Parents interested in sending their child to Alderman’s Green Enhanced Resource Base must contact Coventry Local Authority SEN department on 024 7683 1614.

The member of the Senior Leadership Team responsible for the Enhances Resource Base is Miss Pittaway (assistant Headteacher).

Outside Agency Involvement

Outside agencies support the staff and children within the Enhances Resource Base to ensure that the provision is correct and the children’s needs are being met. The outside agencies, who support staff and children are:

  • Coventry SEND Complex Communication Team,
  • Coventry SEND Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Learning Team,
  • Coventry SEND Educational Psychology


  • NHS Speech and Language Therapy,
  • NHS Occupational and Physiotherapy,
  • NHS RISE (Neurodevelopmental Team, CAMHs and Primary Mental Health).