The Triumph Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust created in April 2017, it currently has two primary schools within it; Courthouse Green Primary School and Alderman's Primary School. Visit website


Where everyone believes in us and we believe in ourselves

Aldermans Green Primary

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J Tegerdine               Acting Head Teacher


Mrs B Law                        Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs N Ward                     Deputy Head Teacher/Safeguarding Lead DSL

Mrs E Essex                      Assistant Head Teacher

Miss M Pittaway              Assistant Head Teacher/SENCO

Mr S Wellard                    Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs J MacDonald            Business Manager

Key Stage Two

Miss D Hunt                       Year Six Teacher 

Miss G Manning                Year Six Teacher

Mrs C McIIroy                    Year Six Teacher

Miss K Smith                      Year Six HLTA

Miss K Evans                     Year Five Teacher 

Miss K MacDonald            Year Five Teacher

Miss K Hart                         Year Five Teacher

Mrs K Butler                        Year Five HLTA

Mrs J Massey                       Year Four Teacher 

Mrs N Pankhania-Jadav     Year Four Teacher

Miss H O'Callaghan            Year Four Teacher

Mr A Turnbull                      Year Four HLTA

Mr S Hirst                             Year Three Teacher 

Miss M Sangar                    Year Three Teacher

Miss L Sharrock                  Year Three Teacher

Mrs F Khalifa                        Year Three HLTA

Key Stage Two Teaching Assistants

Miss S Chikhalia                  Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

Miss Z Booth                       Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bang                          Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

Miss C Marsden                  Key Stage Two Teaching Assistant

Key Stage One

Mr R Ellis                               Year Two Teacher 

Miss C O'Callaghan             Year Two Teacher

Mr N Sale                              Year Two Teacher

Miss G Williams                   Year Two HLTA

Miss C Healy                         Year One Teacher 

Miss R Cornell                      Year One Teacher

Mr J O'Donnell                     Year One Teacher

Mrs K Shaw                          Year One/Two HLTA

Mrs D Blackaby                   Year One HLTA

Key Stage One Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Neale                         Key Stage One Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Stewart                    Key Stage One Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Dalton                      Key Stage One Teaching Assistant

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs M John                         Nursery Teacher 

Mrs R Rowley                     Nursery Teacher 

Miss R Atkinson                 EYFS Teacher

Mr S Wellard                      EYFS Teacher

EYFS Teaching Assistants

Mrs B Bhachoo                  EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Jordan                       EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Goodson                 EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Welch                      EYFS Teaching Assistant

Resource Base

Mrs H Langley                     Resource Base Teacher and SENCO

Mr M Cardinal                     Resource Base HLTA

Mrs K Elliot                          Resource Base HLTA

Mrs M Eden                         Resource Base Assistant

Specialist Teachers

Mr G Edwards                  Physical Education

Mr L Daly                          Physical Education HLTA

Mrs A Grainger                Modern Foreign Languages

Pastoral Team

Mrs N Higginson              Safeguarding/DDSL

Miss L White                    Safeguarding/DDSL

Mr A McBride                   Pastoral Support

Mrs L Miller                      Thrive

Miss L Lindsey                 Pastoral Support

​Miss J Anderson              SEN TA

​Mrs P Ajimi                      SEN TA

​Miss S White                    SEN TA 

Miss L Tranter                  SEN TA

Office Staff

Mrs H Tranter                  Finance Officer

Mrs R Wood                     Office Manager

Mrs S Begum                   Receptionist

Miss S Chalmers             Admin and Resources Assistant

Site Services

Mr P Nolan                       Site Manager

Dinner Supervision

Mrs P Ajimi                      Lead Dinner Supervisor