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At Alderman’s Green Primary School we believe that your child’s progress academically, as well as socially and emotionally are our shared priority.

Our school is able to offer a specialist Intervention called Thrive that takes place in our ‘Nest’ room. The Thrive practitioners work with children on a 1:1 and a small group basis to help develop skills and confidence around social and emotional aspects of life and the capacity to relate, learn and manage stress in healthy ways. Thrive is also part of our daily life in school and sessions are delivered by class teachers as part of 'Thrive Thursday'.

The Thrive Approach draws on insights in the fields of neuroscience, attachment theory and child development. Working in partnership with both parents and class teachers, we provide a targeted, differentiated programme to work with children and help them to re-engage with learning. Action plans are generated using Thrive online, and these are then reviewed regularly to assess progress and ensure that the strategies being used are addressing the child’s ongoing social and emotional needs. We believe that by adopting this approach, we can help our children learn self regulation and build self esteem which reinvigorates their ability to engage with learning.
In Thrive at Alderman’s Green, children have a great opportunity to spend some quality time taking part in a wide range of fun, social and relaxing activities, using relational, play and art based tasks. Through these repeated experiences we aim to equip our children with the emotional resilience to form trusting and rewarding relationships, become more compassionate and empathic and learn strategies to enable them to overcome difficulties and setbacks. At Alderman’s Green we also believe that it is important to adopt a whole school approach where ALL children have access to Thrive, and are working at including Thrive in every classroom.

As a fully inclusive school, we believe that ALL children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Adopting the Thrive approach at Alderman’s Green, we believe we can address children’s social and emotional needs and help build their resilience and resourcefulness; both essential life skills that they can take with them as they grow.
Our Thrive Practitioners are: Mrs Tegerdine, Mrs Essex, Mrs Cornell, Miss Underdown, Miss Williams and Mr Daly.